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Gemsations™ has changed many times over the years! We started selling jewelry in auctions on e-Bay and some other smaller auction sites. A e-Bay grew, so did we. We opened an e-Bay store and became highly-rated power sellers with hundreds of repeat customers. In fact, our prices are so low, we even sold jewelry to small business owners for their brick and mortar stores! In the early 2000's, we expanded our store onto our web site and started adding handmade items from local jewelry designers. Soon, I began making my own beaded jewelry and added that to our store as well. All along, we have held parties, attended craft fairs and sold to friends, family and acquaintances--or by word of mouth. In the past few years, we have focused on Gemsations Originals™--my own handmade beaded items--in craft shows, but now we are ready to reopen our web store! A busy web store is a lot of work, but we are ready to get started again. We are adding listings to Etsy and adding new items in our web store all the time, and many new gemstone, mineral and fossil decorations are coming soon!

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